1. Mandy

    So glad you and your miracles are home doing well! Still what works for one may not work for another.

    My twin girls were in NICU only 9 days, but these suggestions would not have worked. I was recovering from emergency surgery and trying to nurse my miracles. That means every three hours I had to change and feed two babies (who weren’t too pleased with tandem nursing), and pump for 20 minutes to encourage production. Nursing alone took abouy 40 minutes. This left 2hour chunks in between for little things like eating, sleeping, bathing, and yes kangaroo care. When should I write in a diary? Oh, and don’t forget my own post of complications.

    I was blessed with caring medical staff and family, and a quick recovery. I’m sure not all new NICU moms are as fortunate. Please don’t pressure them with unreasonable expectations.

    My advice is try to be nice to yourself, and accept help!

    • mstwinmama

      Of course everyone has a different journey. I was there all day everyday for 8 weeks, so I had a lot of time to worry.

      My intention isn’t to pressure anyone, just to share what got me through it.
      I have spoken to several mamas with premature babies and these are the suggestions we came up with.

      Obviously 9 days isn’t a long enough time to do everything and it seemed like you had a rough time too. Glad all went well and you got to take your miracles home.

      When we first got there, I wish I had these tips because I was clueless and worried senseless, scared and cried everyday until I gained my bearings.

      I hope and pray that one or several of these tips help someone scared of the unknown.

      Thank you for sharing your experiences x

      • Mandy Vigna

        I certainly hope it does. My experience was 11.5 years ago ( or maybe yesterday) and though I clearly didn’t have time to check blogs, I wouldn’t have had a smartphone to do it either.

        I was blessed with the hospital providing a room for those cat naps, even after I was discharged . I would definetly look into that possibility if applicable. I’d never have been able to commute.

        My MS wasn’t diagnosed until almost 2 years later, but that was certainty when dizziness, fatigue, and “brain fog” were kicking in ( is taken for mommy brain). So if there are other MS mommies out there, please investigate this option!

        • mstwinmama

          I didn’t realise that you had MS, that makes things that much harder. (Although you weren’t diagnosed until years after, u no doubt had symptoms unknowingly.

          Great advice on facilities, it’s worth checking mamas

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