1. Laura

    Another great read and lots of hints and tips I will be taking forward! The playpen looks great and something I am seriously considering getting. Thank you xx

    • mstwinmama

      The playpen is such a lifesaver for me, could do without it, and they love when I jump in their and play with them too x

  2. Kathleen

    Hi Kia,

    My name is Kathleen Engel and I am an editor at Health Monitor Network in Montvale, NJ (US). My company publishes guides on various health conditions that are distributed free to patients through doctors’ offices.

    Right now I’m working on the next issue of our MS guide and would like to include a few of the tips or strategies that have helped you. I see at least four that would be perfect in your post, “10 ways to manage… with MS.”

    If you’d be willing to contribute, I’d be so grateful. I can get your tips via email, since we’re hours apart and it would be difficult to chat. It also might be easier for you! If you like, I can start out by pulling the tips I think would work. If you have anything extra to say or want to elaborate on what you’ve said, you could feel free.

    I’d love to send you a couple PDFs of previous issues so you can see what these guides look like before deciding whether you’d like to participate, Kia. And I would be happy to run your blog name in the piece.

    If you’ll write to me at my work email, I’ll send you the PDFs ASAP.

    Thanks, Kia. I look forward to hearing from you.


    Kathleen Engel
    Senior Editor, Health Monitor Network

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