About Me

Hi I’m Kia and these are my 2 gorgeous munchkins: Josiah and Israel.

I have relapsing and remitting Multiple Sclerosis (diagnosed in 2011) and as you can see from my blog name, I have been blessed with twin boys. It’s safe to say that things are quite hectic 🙂

My background is in teaching, a profession that I quickly had to leave because my MS didn’t agree with the germs or stress. So I started a Natural Product business called Eden2Eden which allows me to work around my illness.

As you can imagine my boys take up most of my time, I love being a mama. I am a stay at home mama (SAHM) and wife, learning new things everyday, especially how to cope with twins and the implications of my illness.

I love The Lord and I’m a vegan… I think that about sums me up.

I am writing for anyone living with a chronic illness, anyone with twins or singletons or even multiples. It is also for those of you interested in a healthy plant based diet and anyone who needs some encouragement or just another adult voice. I would love to connect with you as you embark on this journey with me.


Kia x