Say Goodbye to your friends after having kids

I thought (naively) that life would stay the same after having children.

BOY was I wrong 😠

My expectations of my friends were way too high.

I think because I’ve always loved children, it has always been a joy to me to see my friends children as much as possible.

So naturally, I expected the same thing would happen when I had children.

Unfortunately, it’s not been that way it’s been for me.

I have been really saddened by this. However, I’ve come to realise that people are busy and have different priorities than I did before my boys.

It’s not all been negative. I have a close friend who videos us each week to see my cheeky two and comes to visit us. (She lives in a different city).

I’m not sure that she understands how much it all means to me.

Plus I have another good friend, we see her on a regs and we have so much fun together.

Enough self-pity…

Let’s talk about how I’ve changed since having Children.

Having twins has changed the way in which we interact and visit our friends.

When the boys were babies, there were so many things we had to bring in order to make it work.

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