My Ultimate Survival Kit!

There are affiliate links below (meaning: No extra cost to you) but I would highly appreciate your support by purchasing. I will only recommend products that I love. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified or I have not used.

Life with a baby can be expensive, and with twins VERY MUCH SO. It helps to know the needed essentials. Therefore, I have gathered together some things that I couldn’t live without. Hope it helps you…


Lilypadz – Nursing Pads

I had, you could say been blessed with large milk supply. I struggled with the disposable nursing pads. I found that I would have plenty of wet tops! It was really annoying. Then my community midwife who knew about my situation recommended Lilypadz to me. I really liked the concept and was eager to try them. These are the features:

Prevents milk leakage | Adheres to skin | Reusable | Non-absorbent | Allows you to go bra-less | Dedicated wash available

Because of this, I have to say, Lilypadz were amaaaaaazing for me. I never had to worry about having to have a change of clothes with me. Never had a leak. I also bought the wash available with it too.

This is perfect for those of you like me, blessed with a large supply.


Medela Swing Maxi Double Electric Breast Pump

When expressing, using an electric double pump is the best thing. It helps with milk supply. (my boys were in the neonatal unit for 9 weeks, so I needed to express) it took the boys a while to finally latch, which meant I needed to express until they did.

Plus it was a bonus because Anton could help me feed during the night.

Tip: Buy some Tubigrip and cut holes in it and insert your attachments for hands-free pumping!!! wohoooo!!!

UK: Click Here


Muslin Squares

You can never have enough muslin squares. The amount of spit up and vomits, in the beginning, is UNREAL. You can get these from most supermarkets, but for convenience sake, check these ones out.


Super Smoothing Massage oil Super Smoothing Massage Oil

This wonderful massage oil increased our bond as parents with our boys. Massage helped in times of constipation, colic and in our bedtime routine. This is one of the products that I sell in the Eden to Eden’s Perfectly Pure Baby Range. I am a strong believer in using only natural products wherever possible and that’s why I created the Perfectly Pure Baby Range.

Read my post on bonding with your babba through massage.

A Twin-Nursing Pillow

I had the Twin Z pillow. However, they don’t make them in the UK and I had it shipped from the US. This sounds extreme and expensive I know. However, I did a lot of research and read that this was the most comfortable pillow. I loved it, it has many features; breastfeeding, tummy time, bottle-feeding and we also used it as seats when we were visiting friends and family. There are various alternatives out there to suit all budgets (for those less obsessive).


As first-time parents, especially after doing a stint in the NICU, we were terrified of everything, especially infant death. Now I am aware that this is something every parent is scared of. Therefore we bought a Gro-egg, it is a thermometer that changes colour depending on the room temperature. The ideal temperature is between 16-20 degrees C and who knows what that is?? So this thing really helped us find out in a quick and simple way.


Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins: A Step-By-Step Program for Sleep-Training Your Multiples

I swear by this book. I could never have coped without it. My 2 boys have been sleeping through the night since they were 5 months (2 corrected.) That is because this book doesn’t only tell you what to do, it also explains the different sleep patterns at various ages and that information, I believe is what led me to success. If you haven’t already got this, GET IT NOW!!

NB. If you are desperate and unable to wait for the book, I have a post about it right here. It’s not as in-depth as the book though and I would still recommend getting it.


Ewan the dream sheep

This little guy became like a member of our family. This is a wonderful sheep, which helped us settle our little ones by playing different sounds, like womb sounds, a heartbeat and more.

Here is how it describes itself; helps ease COLIC induced pain with actual heartbeat and womb sounds that mimic the comforting environment inside the womb, effective tool for settling restless babies and toddlers into a peaceful slumber, choice of 3 further pink noise sound combinations, suitable for older babies and toddlers including rain, vacuum cleaner and harp music, all combined with the heartbeat. This guy is a no-brainer if you want help settling your darlings.


Babymoov Cosy dream – sleepyhead

This was given to us as a gift and was extremely beneficial to us. It is suitable from birth to 4-6 months. It has perfect back support and lifted legs. It also has a built-in headrest to avoid flat head syndrome. It was especially great for us because our boys were tiny and looked swamped by their cotbed and even the moses baskets. You can find them HERE.


Moby Wrap

Until our twins were 6 months, we lived in a 2nd-floor apartment with no lift. Carrying the pushchair up and down the stairs as well as 2 babies was impossible! This sling was a lifesaver and because my twins were tiny, they both fit in it together. I loved having them close and the bonus was that the way it is designed and tied, means that it doesn’t weigh you down (no matter their weight.)

I have to mention that it did take a bit of time to get it on and put them in it, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes straightforward, I promise 😀

I have found that other types of carriers, slings really hurt my back and shoulders. However, a wrap balances out the babies weight and it doesn’t cause any pain anywhere = WIN!!


A few months ago, Josiah (2 years old) was inconsolable, wanted me to hold him and wouldn’t let me sit down. So I got my wrap out and put him in it. It comforted him to be close to me and it was such a nice feeling.


Changing table with bath

This is something that I definitely recommend spending money on, especially with a chronic illness or twins or for the ease with a singleton.

I find it tough to keep bending down, so having everything at the same level was a huge step in my survival.




UK: Click Here changing table

6 months+

Weaning kit

This one is pretty self-explanatory but necessary to have the right equipment. We used this one.



Our ones were gifted to us and we love them. They were Red Kite. We, however, weren’t able to use them until the boys grew a little bigger. Many prem mamas recommend the Ikea ones with the inserts that cater for smaller babies.


Philips Avent food storage cups

At first, we started off with the small-sized containers, but as they continued to eat more and more, we needed containers with bigger sizes. These containers we used were fantastic for our needs because we make everything in bulk and freeze. These are a 180ml and 240ml pack of 20 and we had greedy boys. We’ve had to buy 40 cups for some serious bulk making and freezing!


Luvion Prestige Touch

This video monitor was only needed once the boys went into their own room. This monitor has everything we needed. It even has a talkback button so I can tell the boys to ‘lie down’ or ‘leave your brother alone’ that’s what seems to be most said by me.

At times when my fatigue is too overwhelming and I can’t get out of bed, I am glad that I can both see and talk to them until I am able to get up and get them.

I am glad that we spent the extra money on our monitor.


NB. If you are on a tight budget, then this isn’t the monitor for you.

Sleeping bags

This was something we couldn’t use until the boys were bigger. Until then we used blankets, but once they started moving about, keeping the blankets on them became impossible. Sleeping bags can range in prices with the most being £30 (each), I’ve gotta be honest, having twins can be a pricey ordeal so we decided to go with a cheaper option with the same 2.5 tog and that was perfect for us.



Once our boys started crawling, life became so challenging. This playpen was exactly what we needed. It keeps them contained and has the ability to change shape, depending on room size. This one is very secure, colourful and a great size for twinnies and great when we have play dates too. This was one of my favourite and most useful things for this stage!



Gecko Bowls

These are a must-have. I’ve even written a post about how brilliant and essential they are. It’s about suction bowls that actually suck (work). Read that post here.

Buy them HERE!




This list will grow; as the boys get older, so keep checking in and also bare in mind this is MY SURVIVAL KIT, not my entire list of things that we have for them.

For ME!

Epsom salts

A really important vitamin for Multiple Sclerosis is magnesium. To get the required daily amount of magnesium in food is not enough for chronic illness sufferers. The best way to get it is transdermally, that way it gets absorbed 100% by the skin. I use these Epsom salts in my baths to ensure that I get enough magnesium (although I don’t have a bath as often as I should).

Lavender essential oil

This oil is the swiss knife of all essential oils. It has so many uses. My favourite one is that it reduces stress, anxiety and muscle pain. The refreshing aroma removes nervous exhaustion and restlessness while also increasing mental activity. I add about 10 drops to my bath along with my Epsom salts and it is so calming. A massage with oil and a few drops of Lavender really helps relax your muscles. Lavender also has antibacterial and antiviral qualities.




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